Design Process

Good landscape design suits the garden to the client as well as to the site.  Some might enjoy the balance of a formal French garden, while others may prefer the flower-filled borders typical of the English garden.  There are those who prefer the serenity of a natural woodland garden filled with ferns and native perennials and the contemplative nature of a Japanese garden.

As it should, the site and the house, as well as the clients own requests, will dictate the direction of the design.  Of course, there are practical issues that will define our creative vision.  Does the client have young children?  Is their primary concern low maintenance?  Do they want an elegant terrace for entertaining?  Whatever the parameters, all the essential elements for a successful project come together during the design process.

We, at TLG, agree with Aldous Huxley that inspiration for our designs come from “the investigation of nature, which is an infinite pasture ground where all may graze, and where the more the bite, the longer the grass grows, the sweeter is its flavor, and the more it nourishes.”

I encourage you to open your eyes to the possibilites that may lay hidden behind the trees…..

Steven L. Mackler, Principal

Private Residence - Washington, DC


Private Residence - McLean, VA